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Climate of Doubt – from PBS Frontline


CNN’s Anderson Cooper Experiences Incredibly Loud Explosion

Another video has been gaining media attention. This time it is of CNN’s Anderson Cooper reporting live in Gaza when an incredibly large explosion takes place. Cooper was standing out on what looks like a balcony or rooftop in the besieged Palestinian city, addressing the camera when the explosion booms through the area. Whoa,” he … Continue reading

Science Behind Sandy By Robin Grant

Science Behind Sandy By Robin Grant Written for a Science Reporting Class, Carleton School of Journalism ——– When Hurricane Sandy made landfall south of Atlantic City, New Jersey late on October 29th, it had barreled north toward the East Coast from the Caribbean, leaving disaster in its wake. Around the same time, a cold front moved … Continue reading

Ad Company Responds to Facebook Post

A video that went viral in the past two days is popular because it’s about a sanitary pad company apologizing to a guy on Facebook who said the company misled him about women’s periods. “Why does your advertising make ‘time of the month’ look like so much fun when it’s not?” read part of the guy’s comment. The guy, … Continue reading

Frogs And Fish Mix With Pharmaceuticals In Water, Results Aren’t Pretty

Frogs And Fish Mix With Pharmaceuticals In Water, Results Aren’t Pretty By Robin Grant Science Reporting Class, Carleton University School of Journalism ————— Fish and frogs aren’t cute and cuddly. They aren’t even the often-thought-of test subjects in scientific experiments. But that doesn’t deter University of Ottawa’s Research Chair in Neuroendocrinology, Dr. Vance Trudeau, who studies … Continue reading

Invasive Ant Finally Gets Its Real Name

Invasive Ant Finally Gets Its Real Name By Robin Grant Written for a Science Reporting Class, Carleton School of Journalism —– An invasive ant ravaging Gulf Coast states for over a decade is now confirmed to be a species of a crazy ant native to South America and the Caribbean, according to a recent study. … Continue reading

In Pictures: New York City and the storm (Photos by Robin Grant)

At the end of October, as the fall term in the Carleton School of Journalism program reaches its slog point – where the initial enthusiasm of beginning a term runs dry and the drag-your-feet-in-the-mud, but get-it-done attitude takes hold – I decided to head to New York City for a pick-me-up. Aside from a much needed change of scenery, I went … Continue reading